Every year, I endeavor to explore a new facet in my lifelong study of asking better questions. More than just inquiry, I find the ability to ask deep, insightful, and meaningful questions of both the trivial and complex to be an important exercise in my own humanity. Here are a few questions I’m digging into in 2018 and beyond:

  • Why are so few women and people of color getting access to venture capital?
  • Why isn’t capital solving more problems for more people?
  • Is MSP a more challenging place to start a business for marginalized communities than other markets?
  • What companies in MSP are demonstrating diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) as a cultural norm rather than a market campaign?
  • Why are the metrics around DEI in the private sector so narrow in scope? What else can we measure DEI?

Stay tuned as I test my hypotheses to these questions and uncover the innovators and change makers that are redefining entrepreneurship and venture capital in MSP and beyond.

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Over the past ten years, my career has included a wide range of projects and endeavors that have taken me around the world. Both in my day jobs and as extracurriculars, I have dabbled in projects focused on women, entrepreneurship, and most recently, closing opportunity gaps for marginalized communities in entrepreneurship. Here are a sample of my favorite projects.

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If you have questions, want to stay “in the know” as I explore my¬† questions, or just want to connect, fill out the form below.

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