My Story

Let’s be honest.  At first glance my resume does not look like an experience designer or a creative.  I’m what you might call a creative imposter.  I feed off the energy of collaboration and group dynamics, I try, and fail repeatedly, to create my own original designs but I do a pretty decent job with a mimic and innovate approach.  I’ve been working in higher education for the past three years, and I have a degree in social change.

Adaptive? Check…I thrive on a steep learning curve, I’m quick to assimilate and easily relate.

Team Player? Check…I adjust to my team to help cultivate a high functioning environment and I’m your biggest fan when you need a pep-talk or inspiration.  I’m easily excitable, full of energy, and obsessed with brainstorming.

What’s that you say?  I sound like the other 80 million millennials working to enhance their career in a way that satisfies their altruism and personal passions?


But here’s the thing, I’m a devout believer in “fake it until you become it.”  And right now, I’m helping people make better.

Better connections.  Better systems.  Better experiences. Better impact.