TEDxMonterey 2014

In its fifth year, TEDxMonterey celebrated what emerges when we embrace the edges: discovery, invention and transformation.

We often find ourselves at our most creative, willing to take a risk or leap into the unknown when we are at the edge. Whether at the edges of our knowledge, relationships, or society, it is out here where our limits are tested and we are challenged to reimagine ourselves and our world.

In the months leading up to the event I endeavored to design the participant experience for the event.  It was my first opportunity to manage a physical experience design process and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.

I’ve been a TED fan for years and still get inspired daily but the ideas and speakers that are changing the world.  When this opportunity presented itself–thanks to my colleagues @MIIS–I was honored and thrilled to be part of such an amazing local event in my community.

During the initial phases of planning, the production manager suggested we steal from the Beijing Olympics by creating a backdrop set made from recycled bottles.

Monterey County Disposal was nice enough to give us 100 lbs of bottles that we then had to clean, de-label, and drill.

Sorting Used Plastic Bottles
Volunteers sorting and cleaning used plastic bottles

With the help of several volunteers, the production manager and I set out to create a recycled stage curtain and adjacent lounge pieces.  We felt that recycled bottles not only had physical edges (aligning with the theme) but also presented a lot of edgy-ness about them as well.


Bottle Caps
Over 500 hundred bottle caps cleaned and drilled for the installation!
Plastic Bottles
Plastic bottles ready to be washed and de-labeled!
Plastic Bottles Ready for the Installation
Plastic bottles ready for the installation
Our first iteration of the recycle curtain for the main stage!

In addition, I also designed the participant experience in our networking lounge.  The piece below is one of our installations but the total design included furniture from the lovely EcoInfinity Group and veggies from Front Door Farms.

One of our geometric installation pieces
One of my ocean heroins, Asha de Vos


Networking Lounge Installation
Networking Lounge Installation

Check out the finished event photos here!

TEDxMonterey Edges