Twin Cities Startup Week – Leadership Team

In 2017, the founders of Twin Cities Startup Week (TCSW) partnered up with Forge North participants to elevate the week long celebration and co-create the best year yet for the organization.

TCSW 2017 Recap
TCSW 2017 Recap

Excerpt from the Founder’s 2017 Recap:

Growth is an understatement for what occurred in the Twin Cities Startup Week programming in 2017. Not only did we see continued gains in the number of events, tracks and guests, but this year also saw the addition of new people and partners, propelling both the quality and quantity of TCSW programming.

The new faces included a core programming team sourced from the startup ecosystem. Together with Nels, Meg, Danielle, Lauren, Dakota and Conner developed strategies and materials, empowering various Track Leads to host higher quality events. The team also introduced a volunteer army that gave over 350 hours of service. Branding, event design and video production were also enhanced, making the week more polished than it’s ever been. As a result of this group’s effort, TCSW took a significant step closer to becoming a national startup focused event destination.

The week’s premier events continued to evolve around the programming the community has come to expect in the week, including the MN Cup Finale, a Beta.MN Showcase, the Techstars Retail Demo Day, MinneDemo and Startup Weekend, though this year the week was bookended by opening and closing parties, the latter included an award ceremony for top startups in various categories. New partners also joined – Bunker Labs, Generator, Hack the Gap and more added signature events that invited new communities the the TCSW experience.

All of this could not have been made possible without the incredible support of our sponsors. Together we flew in people from around the country, we celebrated our community’s brightest stars, we challenged people to start something new and we inspired would-be innovators to create the next big thing in our own backyard. Thank you for contributing to this important work.

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